I don't want this to be a stupid question, but how do you actually MAKE gifs? I'm not that tech savvy so I don't know. By the way, your gifs are great.

Hi, it’s kinda simple, I know only 2 methods, you require a video file, Adobe Photoshop, and GOM player (there may be another software that do the same functions but I wouldn’t know about them).
if you´re working with an mp4 file you can export it directly to Photoshop if not you can extract the frames using GOM and import them to Photoshop as a batch.

You can just google ‘How to make a gif from a video’ and the process won’t differ too much from what I do.

And Thank You :)
I’m glad that you enjoy my gifs.

btw, I’m sorry if I took too long to answer.